Beautiful memories of climb Vavulagala rock...

Hello dear friends, I had more memories of hiking adventures. Absolutely climb rocks very risky and difficult task. In other words, it's challenge to people's life. This time I want to another experience of mine. Vavulagala is located in the beautiful village of Amanawala, 15 kilometers from Yatiyantota town in the Kegalle District of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

If you are referring to Vavulagala, you should come from Colombo - Avissawella and reach Yatiyantota via Dehiowita. Then go to the Peragas Junction, 15km to the left road near the Clock Tower in Yatiyantota. After that you have to cross the shoe bridge over Pegasus junction and cross the Dodampola Temple. The road leading to Dombapola Temple can be reached to the top of Vaulagala.

If you are going to Vavulagala, take some time to consider whether it is raining or not in the evening. Because after the rain, the shoe bridge across the Vee stream is covered.

After about an hour of walking through the tea plantations, the scrub jungle, and the concrete road, you can reach the top of the rock.

The top of Vavulagala is a good place to camp, but camping is not ideal. The villagers said that the top of the Vavulagala is a hill where wild boar are common. It is also a hill that is constantly hit by lightning.

Although the top of the Vavulagala is not very light, the view is spectacular. Also, there is no problem with water as there is plenty of fresh water along the top of the hill. But keep in mind that Vavulagala is a place where there are lots of leeches.

After arriving at the top, there is a wonderful beauty. The top is like Horton Plains. The trees on the rock are less visible. The human body is there. As you climb the mountain, at the top of the mountain, the attacks of leeches continue. Get ready for it.

The top of Wavulagala can be viewed with the Wewaltala, Olu Falls, waterfalls over Olu Falls, Vee Oya and the mountains of Dolosbage. You can also camp at the bats. Camping in the bats during the rainy season is dangerous.

Therefore, it is best to take care of those things if the bats arrive. It is best to learn from the villagers about this.

The top of the Vavulagala is a wide plain. Tea is fertility cultivated throughout the valley. Once you reach the other end of Vavulagala, you can see the waterfalls from the beginning to the point where the water falls.

After stayed two hours top of the rock we started to down from hill. Absolutely stunning below scenery saw from us. Climate was great for our hiking adventure. Because if rain fallen to here we had some risk to our life via lightning. However we were luck hikers that moment.

On the way down we found more tea estates. This means that some people earn income from tea. I felt richer here than the other mountains. Probably because there are no trees on the top of the mountain. We down to below land side within half hour. However we have finished tremendous adventure part. See you in next. Thanks for visiting.

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Wow, this place boasts some extraordinary natural beauty. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem with us :) @tipu curate

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Hi @madushanka, I agree with you that climbing mountains has its risks and dangers. But also, we must recognize the gratification of reaching the top and see from the top the splendid landscape that nature gives us. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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All the images are absolutely stunning and I must say that the place Vavulagala rock does really makes a person wonder how beautiful our mother nature is. Loved all the images but this one was very much intimidiating bro

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I must say you have enjoyed your trip / journey a lot..

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