Book review: Let your mind run, by @marenontherun

I have been reading “Let your mind run” by Deena Kastor. I stumbled across the book when looking for running books written by a woman. (Seems like all the books I was reading were written by men.) I knew who Deena was but didn’t know about her story. This book goes back to her early childhood when she started running (and winning!), takes us through her running story in high school and college, and into professional life. As the title says it reflects around the mental side of running, and life in general. Even race reports revolves a lot around this. We learn Deena’s specific mental strategies and there are many. I think I need to read the book again, preferably a few weeks before a race, and take notes because there is a lot to learn. The overall message is very applicable to all aspects of life. I also think I want to read more books on this topic.

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“Run or Die” by Killian Jornet is a good book also

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The mental "tips" and "strategies" are my favorite parts of reads like this. There's training guides everywhere, and I think the structure is generally the same for the most part -- but overcoming the mental-blocks is where the real hurdles are... at least for me.

Might have to check this one out.

Also -- that's quite the stack of books you've got in the background there.. I think I recognize a couple I've read...

Eat and Run by Scott Jurek; and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall


Thanks for the review...I have seen this book around a lot and was wondering if it was worth the read. I am very interested in the mental side of running, especially when it comes to racing so will need to have a look at this book soon. Regards Vince


...and remember, you are only one run away from a good mood!. @marenontherun quote anewrunning.gif