Marathon Cheats And More Twins, by @cryptoandcoffee

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I did a post last night on the twins that cheated in the Comrades Marathon and decided to have a look at who else was caught out over the years. What the twins did was very different and clever and were only caught out by the photographs taken along the course. He appears in this picture for the 2010 and we know for a fact there were a lot more as you will see further down the post.

Most of today's athletes are not being caught though as the technology to catch them hasn't caught up to the technology that is hiding the stimulants that are being used.If we look at the above picture the first time someone was caught doping was 1992 and with the knowledge we have today know that doping started around the 1976 Olympics. That is a gap of 16 years where there must have been loads of cheats who slipped through.

I don't think we will see many more cheats exposed for a few more years as the cheating cloaking that is going on is incredible. If you have seen the documentary Icarus you will know what I am talking about. ssdqr73mku.jpg source

The Russian twins Elena and Olesya Nurgalieva were excluded from the 2019 race as they appear on the International banned athletes list. These are the athletes directly involved in the Icarus exposure that blew the lid off Russian Athletics.

The twin girls dominated this race winning it between them 10 times and made a living traveling around the world competing in ultra marathons. Ten years is a huge chunk of dominating one race and feel sorry for any other athletes who came just outside of the medals.I think more of this needs to happen as it is unfair on the others who aren't doping. What I find interesting is that they weren't caught up in the banned athletes in the first picture and shows that their cloaking system does work rather well.

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And here I think the use of gels is iffy at best.... Prior the my knee injury, I ran ad minimal as I could. Maybe a half cup of coffee but other then that my goal was to test my true ability and endurance as a runner. I hate when people discrase others hard work for a fake accomplishment.

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Ban all cheats for life, no second chances, and suspensions that do nothing. When you ban some for life, it makes other cheaters think twice. At least I hope so :)


I always think , marathon is a game of mind.


It is amazing the lengths some people will go to get an advantage on the competition. Pretty sad...