Kananaskis, Canada. Hiking / Hammock Lifestyle 📷

I most definitely recommend a hammock anytime you go hiking or camping for that matter. It makes the perfect lunch chair, longer, or napping spot despite the weather, snow or rocky terrain.

I'll admit they are not that warm, you need to bundle up or use a reflective blanket underneath you but they are SOOO comfy.

Here's a cool spot I found with a big overhanging rock stand that I was able to build a small fire under (just the ash is showing in this pic.


Sun rays shiing in, relaxing after a big hot lunch. ImageText

The views from the cliff wall, just meters from the hammock spot made some spectacular vistas for the hike.

Some great long range views. ImageText


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Always bring a couple hammocks with us when we go camping. Not usually out and about in the winter. Myself and a couple buddies each year go on a boys camping trip where we typically string up some asymmetrical camping hammocks instead of tenting. Super comfy way to sleep after a hard day of rock climbing.

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