Morning Run: Back to the hill

prof<em>image</em>49495171.png steevc just finished a 5.44km run, that lasted for 34 minutes. This run helped steevc burn 399.0 calories.

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It has been a while since I did intervals and so I was back at West Drive to run up the hill a few times. It has been warm here, but in the morning under the trees is about as cool as I will get. It was pretty quiet there with just a few dog walkers.

The climbs were hard work and I needed a bit of a walk on the way back down. At least I was managing around 5min/km on most of them. We were watching Eilish McColgan win the 10,000m at the Commonwealth Games last night and that was a really gutsy run. I could not match her pace for even a few seconds. I would be interested to get some coaching on how to run a bit quicker. I am no spring chicken, but I have long legs and am reasonably fit, so I think I have potential to improve.

I have volunteered to help at parkrun on Saturday as they were very short on people, but the roster has filled up now.

Run free.

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About the Athlete: Older guy trying to keep fit, but still hope to go quicker.


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Nice job on your run! I have been a bit out of sorts after getting back from our last vacation, so today is the first day I have actually exercised this week. Somehow I just got out of the habit and I am finding it hard to get back into the game.