Morning Interval Run

image_7132498204.png just finished a 12.36km run, that lasted for 72 minutes. This run helped burn 1016.3 calories.

Description from Strava: Another interval run this morning that left me almost spewing at the end. It was a pretty cool morning at about 6 degrees Celsius when we first started but there was almost now wind so it was easy to warm up quickly enough. It has gotten cold so quickly, I can't remember what I used to wear last winter to keep warm. Today's interval session included lots of 1km repeats. - Warm up 2.5km easy run - Main Set(Repeat below twice) 1km steady, 200m recovery 1km fast, 200m recovery 1km very fast, 200m recovery - Cool down

The difference between the three one kilometer speeds should only be about 15 seconds. I think I was about 20 seconds off but another good workout either way.

If you would like to check out this activity on strava you can see it here:

About the Athlete: I am an Aussie living in Auckland, New Zealand and I love swimming biking and running with my fiance. I tell people "I wanna change the world, one run at a time".


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3.48% Since last month


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@steevc wrote:

left me almost spewing at the end
Hope you recovered okay. Intervals are hard, but effective. It ought to be warming up here, but it's still cool. Always a challenge to get through winter though. !PIZZA

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I recon it takes a lot of fitness to push that hard and keep it all together !BEER