Planksgiving Workout 2020 {Another Festive Holiday Core Routine}

Hello all! It is that time of year again. Yes, the holiday season is in full swing, but more so it is time for some festive holiday workouts! You can't beat a good theme to keep your workouts fun, so I love doing a new variation of Planksgiving every year for some of my classes. There really is no end to the plank variations you can perform, or the ways in which you can combine those planks for a great routine. Of course 2020 makes it even easier with a built in timing theme, too, since we're going to do all of these exercises for just 20 seconds each.

Planksgiving 2020

Block 1 : Low Plank, High Plank, Bent Knee Hover

Block 2 : Right Side Plank + Hip Lift, R. Side Plank w/ Kick, R. Side Plank Hold

Block 3 : Left Side Plank + Hip Lift, L. Side Plank w/ Kick, L. Side Plank Hold

Block 4 : Reverse Plank + Hip Lift, Reverse Plank w/ Kick, Reverse Plank Hold

Block 5 : High/Low Plank, Shoulder Tap Plank, High Plank with Arm/Leg Reach

Set a timer for 20 second intervals. Perform each exercise in block one for 20 seconds, back to back with no rest (equals one minute of work). Rest for 20 seconds before moving to the next block, then the next...completing all the blocks for a full circuit. The full series should take you just over 6 minutes. Rest then repeat 1-2 more times. Makes for a great "appetizer" or "dessert" to add to your regular workout, or for a quick addition to a Thanksgiving 5k run!

For a real challenge, take out the 20 second rests between blocks and perform all 15 exercises back to back! Or take it down a notch and rest for a full 20 seconds between each movement. You can also change up the timing of the intervals to make it more or less challenging, as well. Use this inspiration and make the workout your own depending upon where you are in our own personal fitness journey. :)

If you want a few other ideas, I have done different versions in previous years (Planksgiving Version One , Two and Three ). Pick one, or do all on different days through the holidays. Plenty of inspiration to keep you active this season to balance out any food or drink indulgences. Though always remember exercise shouldn't be used as punishment for over indulging, nor can it completely cancel out continual excess calories. That being said, enjoy this holiday season as you can after a truly crazy year!

*Make sure to consult your physician before beginning a new training program. This is meant for fun motivation to get moving, not an individual exercise prescription. footer blueptp.jpg

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@wwwiebe wrote:

Those are definitely focused on the core! What's nice about those exercises is that they can be done as a break from sitting at the desk, and without a need for a lot of space, either. Those of us still stuck at home could really use something like these!

@chekohler wrote:

I thought the whole point of stuffing a turkey and over eating was to get turkey neck, or am I missing something?

@erikah wrote:

This is helpful and I'm bookmarking your post for the future. Thank you!

@thebigsweed wrote:

Now I get the planks @plantstoplanks. I like the routine and tried a few of the exercises while pausing the video. Although I feel like I'm in pretty good shape, exercise comes naturally here on the farm, you make it look so easy, it is anything but a cakewalk, at least for me. I'm going to try and do these planks on a regular basis. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks for sharing.