image_7583203641.png mimismartypants just finished a 4.3km run, that lasted for 40 minutes. This run helped mimismartypants burn 375.6 calories.

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Another quick run and felt a bit stronger than yesterday..only stopped to walk once and rather fluctuated speed to catch my breath. Calves are quite stuff which is where I carry my stiffness when I start running. Clocked 4.3kms, bringing me to 11.8kms for the month of August. Keen to knock out at least 30kms, 40 would be better, but 50 would be best!

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About the Athlete: I run because i eat. And i eat because i run


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3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month

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3.48% Since last month

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You're smashing your training at the moment and getting stronger every day. For the month of August 2022, the Strava2Hive leader board will be determined by "calories burned"! This Weeks Leader Board(Top 3): 1. @dannewton - 1886.1 Calories Burned 2. - 1461.0 Calories Burned 3. @alzee - 1318.0 Calories Burned