Sunny evening run

I just finished a 5.889km running that lasted about 0hh:29mm:45ss !


Still alternating running and cycling days. So on Wednesday, I was set for a run. The sun was bright and the heat high, but not as bad as the previous day. Probably in the mid-80F, around 30C. Because I wanted to catch the sunset on a walk later, I managed to get started earlier than usual, which means the entire run was in daylight!

As I felt full of energy for once, I started faster than last time, but clearly I still don't have the juice to sustain this pace. Less than a mile in, I went back to pretty much the same pace as last time. I also wanted to run a little longer, but I ended up running the exact same route. No need to overdo it yet, less than one week after resuming training.

I am repeating myself, but I really need to do some stretching. At the beginning, my adductors and hamstrings were still very tight. Obviously not as sore as after the first run last week, but still. I am sure I could easily avoid that, or at least significantly reduce it with just a few minutes of stretching every day. Maybe some day... At least this time, I did go for a cool-down walk with the dogs. Although I am not sure if it's really efficient more than 30 minutes after, or if it should be right after.

The plan for tonight is a bike ride to keep the streak going, and so far I don't see any reason to skip it. Till then, keep Exhausting!

Updated totals for June:

Sports June Total (miles) June Total (km)
Running 11.55 18.58
Cycling 33.61 54.08

3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month

0.0 HBD

3.48% Since last month