So hot - Evening bike ride

I just finished a 19.678km bike ride that lasted about 0hh:58mm:23ss !


The soreness is starting to subside (even though I still haven't done any stretching at all!), and for now I am trying to stick to my alternate days of running/biking. Tonight was biking and it's a good thing because it was way too hot for a run. As you can see on the pic below, around 8pm, the temperature was still around 95F or 35 degrees Celsius! And when I finished the ride, close to 10pm in full darkness, it was finally below 90F but not by much, still above 30 degrees Celsius! At least, the humidity wasn't bad for once (don't believe what the thermometer says, I'm pretty sure the humidity measure broke years ago...), under 50%.


Anyways, the ride started almost as a recovery ride, with an easy pace, and plenty of breaks to catch sunset photos. But once it got darker, I added a few loops in the neighborhood at slightly higher speed, and in the end it's pretty much an hour for a bit more than 12 miles. Not so bad.

Next is supposed to be a running day, but we'll see with the temperature, and of course the motivation. Till then, keep Exhausting!

On-going totals for June:

Sports June Total (miles) June Total (km)
Running 7.89 12.70
Cycling 33.61 54.08

3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month

0.0 HBD

3.48% Since last month

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Great work. And there is me complaining that 25C is too hot for my liking. !wine !lolz

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