Sunset on EXHAUST

Hello everyone,

After some lengthy consideration, I have decided to end this project. I'll admit that I've lost motivation and energy to work on and support this project.

I'll be stopping the website services this weekend, and will continue to payout the curation rewards owed to delegators, and the weekly exercise-based rewards distributed on Sunday for activities that have been posted up until the project is closed.

Thank you for your support and interest.

Cheers, and be well.



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@steevc wrote:

I'm very sorry to hear that, but I can understand it is a responsibility to run a service like this. I'll just have to report my runs in other ways. Wishing you all the best. !PIZZA

@pizzabot wrote:

PIZZA! PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments: @steevc(5/5) tipped @exhaust (x1) Learn more at

@eturnerx wrote:

Thanks for the message and best wishes for your next project.

@aussieninja wrote:

Thanks for creating such a great project! I've immensely enjoyed my time with @exhaust and it has 100% sometimes been the deciding factor between couching it up and getting out there. Thanks so much for building it all for us! Super appreciate it!

@manuvert wrote:

Sad to see the project end, but I can definitely understand your decision. I enjoyed using the platform, it was good motivation, and the rewards were a great bonus, especially for a small newbie account. Thanks! I'll try and post my last exhaust workout tomorrow if I'm able to go for a run as planned. I guess we should remove our delegations. Not that mine was really significant, but I can probably transfer it to some other projects, like maybe @runningproject. Take it easy and good luck! !LUV wrote:

You've done an amazing job Mark and your platform has allowed me to meet some amazing people. I really appreciate your hard work and at the same time understand a project like this can be difficult to keep going as well. Keep in touch and wish you all the best for the future.

@alzee wrote:

I've only been a user for a week but have enjoyed the competition and the chance to try and get to the leaderboard. Thank you and good luck with any future projects you undertake.

@toofasteddie wrote:

What bad news... It's a shame that a project like this is lost but I understand that its administration is tough. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and look forward to keeping in touch with you.

@mamun123456 wrote:

It was really sad to hear that you would close this project but I really enjoyed working with you. I have been with you for more than two months now. I got a lot of good support from this site and saw that you support people a lot The project that you are about to launch must do something good

@emomo wrote:

Thx for all the effort u put to make sure people benefit from this project,we hope u bring more creative content like this in the future.

@consciouscat wrote:

Thanks for your work with this @exhaust (mstafford!). I enjoyed using during my first few months here on Hive and it really helped me get in the habit of sharing my exercise on here. I !LUV 'd it! Thank you. And a question: will you still be keeping this community open and moderating it? I'm curious if we can and should keep posting our exercise in here?

@rthelly wrote:

Ahh will miss you mstafford / exhaust! Completely understand your reasoning though. I really enjoyed the platform, found it very motivating AND met some cool people via it so thank you for all of that. Best of luck in the future xx

@potta wrote:

Really enjoyed it while it lasted. Thanks for everything and hope you'll come back bigger and stronger!

@davidesimoncini wrote:

It is a bad notice for our lives on Hive. Thank you anyway for your hard and great work. If one day you will decide to return here, write us. Stay safe and exhaust. A long and beautiful life to you @mstafford :) wrote:

well this is disappointing. it was one of my favorite communities here. I understand your motivations though. Best of luck in what you do next!

@mahrblack wrote:

It is a pity not to be able to continue publishing my activities on this page, I had become very fond of it, I really liked it a lot. I want to thank you for all the support you gave and how exciting it was. I hope to be able to be present and to be able to enjoy some other new project you have. With much sadness I say goodbye, see you soon.

@mimismartypants wrote:

was off sick and logged on to post today's run! i was deeply disappointed! But i will still keep getting exhausted! Was good while it lasted! The best fitness dapp we had! Thanks for some good times!