prof<em>image</em>18184211.png ervin-lemark just finished a 4.49km run, that lasted for 27 minutes. This run helped ervin-lemark burn 234.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

Another morning, another run. This time from the nearby town of Trzin to home. It was close so no big distance was due. Just a run to keep the streak going.

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Ps: markdown works as it should.

Ps2: background image shows the bibs I've printed minutes ago. They are for the 10 K run this Saturday in Radovljica.

Better and better :ervin :lemark

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About the Athlete: Recreational runner who loves the great outdoors. The longer the run/hive the better :)


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3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month

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Hello dear friend @ervin-lemark good morning It is good to see the statistics of your exercise I admire the commitment you have with your body and daily exercise Have a nice day