Podutik to Vrhovci and back

prof<em>image</em>18184211.png ervin-lemark just finished a 6.59km run, that lasted for 53 minutes. This run helped ervin-lemark burn 436.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

An afternoon trail run from Bike Park Podutik across the hill ridge to Vrhovci and back. It was hot outside yet pleasantly warn in the forest. the pace was moderate, no hurry. I had plenty of time to return before @niko-lemark's MTB training ended.

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I don't think that the photo will make it over too. Or will it?

Better and better :ervin :lemark

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About the Athlete: Recreational runner who loves the great outdoors. The longer the run/hive the better :)


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@strava2hive this is great, bravo!

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