Onboarding Friends to the Crypto World

I introduced a friend to the crypto world today.

First, I asked him what he thinks about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Understandably, he revealed some apprehension, especially on the issue of trust and risks, which are big chunks for unpacking in another day.

Anyway, whatever his concerns were... did not matter.

I went ahead and told him about Satoshi Nakamoto and the bitcoin project. Then we quickly moved to the idea of smart contracts, touching on decentralised finance and NFTs inevitably. The exciting thing is that people are building businesses on these smart contract platforms, and we are now at the start of a massive revolution through blockchain! So, how can I not tell him about Hive? (Anyone reading this post would be reading this on the Hive network, a platform which rewards the Hive tokens for writing posts.)

Coming onboard to crypto can be hard for some. People will have questions. Rightly so. But it can also be a great learning journey about the world.

These are some of the essential things to get acquainted with. Once they are sorted out, the crypto world is not that complicated. Much of it can be found on the YouTube. I will begin with one in this post. That is....

Anyone coming onto the crypto world must first know the significance of the bitcoin proposition. Check out Michael Saylor and *Vijay Boyapati *for a start.

Let the journey begins.

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