What I felt while using both steemit and hive platforms

What I felt while using both steemit and hive platforms

Steemit's ecosystem feels like a star where time has already stopped. A lot of companies and people are moving to Mars. Only the wealthy who have achieved some wealth build their Sky Castle and live a noble life within the walls of the city. It is difficult to get many opportunities with small capital, and only users who come with large capital can enter their society. One steem of poor users is a Steemit ecosystem that is not respected.


On the other hand, I think the hive is similar to the pioneering era of Mars migration. The peakd app, which has the original steemit lineage, already serves only hive, and if you use this app, you have the opportunity to make money with very little capital. The ecency app attracts many users to participate in voting and allows the platform to know that many users are alive. If you ask me which of the two platforms I will throw out first and which one I will use until the end, I will definitely clean up Steemit right away and use Hive until the end.

If there is a wish, I hope that the Steemit ecosystem will undergo a major change and there will be many users again, but it seems impossible at the moment.


3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month


3.48% Since last month

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3.48% Since last month

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This is a sad but truthful analysis ... I have friends still on Steem and I go see how they are doing from time to time ... they are soldiering on bravely but indeed, progress has stopped, while Hive is very much alive...

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I've seen it myself, how interesting content is not appreciated, only those who have connections and lots of steempower can contribute there

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lol trol the steemit and justin sun . Hive is on mars so don't worry steemit rockets will not attack from earth to mars .

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Your drawing caught my attention :) I love it. I dont know about Steemit so not sure how to compare both of them

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I ditched steemit and bailed long ago. It's ok. I've boosted my growth here and just keep making more every day. And I've been interrupted by Justin scum and let him have my speaking place during the town halls.

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A short, but accurate analysis. Your post caught my attention even though I saw it a bit late. And what you say is true, there is a migration from Steemit to hive, I am one of them and as one user says, there is more support for those users who have a high steempower, and I say it because I have seen it, there is always support for the same users and it is unfortunate. And since I've been in Hive I've been more receptive. And for me hive there is much more opportunity to grow on the platform. Thanks for your content.