5 days in Swedish mountains. Part 1.

The Nallo valley, day 1 .

Nallodalen Dag 114.jpg

The mountain area in northern Norway and Sweden is a great area to perform hikes in beautiful valleys with majestic mountains and peaks. If you like fishing there are lakes and rivers near and far away from people. I lam lucky to live in the middle of the this pearl in the north and love to get out when possible. If you are in the area I would recommend you to spend some days, weeks or years to explore the area :-).

In september my wife, an another couple, and I on a five days hike in the in northern Sweden. We startet at Nikkaloukta south of the city Kiruna. This place is the starting point if you want to climb Swedish highest mountain Kebnekaise. To Kebnekaise Mountain Station the distance is 19 km. You can walk or take helicopter. We used the possibility to save one day and got lifted with helicopter 30 km inward the Vistas valley. From there we followed the trail up the Nallo valley 10 km to a cabin where we stayed the first night.

Nallodalen Dag 1.jpg View from the helicopter. The Vistas valley is nice with a river and several lakes.

Nallodalen Dag 12.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 13.jpg Further up in the valley we met the rain, welcomed by a rainbow. Nallodalen Dag 14.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 15.jpg The goal for the first day was the valley to the left. This is the start of the Nallo valley.

Nallodalen Dag 16.jpg The helicopter goes in for landing.

Nallodalen Dag 17.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 18.jpg Soon we are left by ourselves in company with the mountain.

Nallodalen Dag 19.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 110.jpg The adventure is ahead of us. What is hiding over the hill and and around the next corner.

Nallodalen Dag 117.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 111.jpg During the day we had several rain showers and quite strong wind against us, but the beautiful colours and valley got the main focus.

Nallodalen Dag 112.jpg The Vista valley, where we started in the background.

Nallodalen Dag 113.jpg I love this valley with the river and majestic mountains and will probably come back another year.

Nallodalen Dag 115.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 116.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 118.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 119.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 120.jpg Up in side valleys there are several glaciers.

Nallodalen Dag 121.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 122.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 124.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 125.jpg During the day the highest peaks got a thin layer of snow.

Nallodalen Dag 126.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 129.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 130.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 128.jpg Colours to enjoy.

Nallodalen Dag 131.jpg

Nallodalen Dag 132.jpg The goal for the first day, the cabin Nallo stugan. Tomorrow the will follow the trail under the mountain to the left over to a valley called Sälka valley. First we need some good food, drying the equipment and a good nights sleep.

Nallodalen Dag 134.jpg The temperature can be quite low up in the mountains i september.

Nallodalen Dag 135.jpg The view from my bed. A great view before I fell asleep in the evening...

Nallodalen Dag 133.jpg ...and the sound of the river outside the cabin.

Hope you enjoy pictures and my "norwegianenglish" on the first day of the hike.

Best regards Harald.


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@sjarvie5 wrote:

Wow Harald, what an adventure. Gorgeous pictures and landscape!

@surviveuk wrote:

Looks like a really beautiful place to visit.

@goat-girlz wrote:

What an amazing landscape! I am quite jealous as always. I love your "norwegianenglish." Who's taking care of Nero while you're off adventuring? I look forward to seeing more pictures from you trip!

@x-53degreesnorth wrote:

Really sharp images. I love the spiky mountain rising out from the mist. Thanks for sharing such an amazing landscape

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@kaminchan wrote:

This is really epic trip!! You are very serious hiker! With helicopter drop and walking five days in wilderness! Beautifully spell bound mountains!