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Lapangan Sepi. , by @riery

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Jarang sekali lapangan terlihat sepi, apalagi di akhir pekan seperti ini... Terlebih di bulan Agustus yang penuh acara.... A…

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Nastar! by a hobbyist baker trying out Dapplr (new HIVE dapp)!, by @evanstinger

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You like Your World being Rocked?, by @edje

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As always... As ALWAYS... When something bad happens, something good will come out of it. The 'bad' is what we are all in: COVI…

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Ngopi santai di kopi atra lhokseumawe, by @fujaxxi

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Posted Using LeoFinance

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Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Anak - Family, by @lebah

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▶️ Watch on…

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Ultra Music -TimeLapse EDM mixed sounds by Valentin Slavu using EasyBeats Android App , by @valentin86

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Ultra Music TimeLapse EDM created in Easybeat App music maker ( PROC-D sounds EDM pack ). Creating music wherever you are with …

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Manase Beach the City of Nabire Papua Indonesia, by @hsidik

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A few months ago I visited the City of Nabire, Papua Province, wanted to see atmosphere of the City of Nabire and see attractio…

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I am the wolf in sheep's clothing, by @themarkymark

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I get messaged a lot by a lot of people to vote on their content, proposal, or witness. It comes with having stake, and I gen…

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Lo grandioso de la vida en el campo., by @gabolegends

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La naturaleza nos regala muchas cosas y una de ellas es tener la grandiosidad de la calma y la paz de nuestra mente, de n…

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Halo mi amigos! I'm Human, Gamer Named Torgo Nudho on the Internet (Commander of Unsullied). I'm new on Hive & This is me …

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DIME ILAZ | Episodio 2: MY FIVE FOR #THRIVEONHIVE (English Subs), by @ilazramusic

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Little less to worry, by @gracefu

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Little less to worry Somedays feels super long,specially when your mind crowded with unexpected worries. Somedays it's just o…

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Today Birthday Card Handmade Idea, by @asterkame

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Commissioned Digital Painting, by @ivoryblack

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My Hive is Growing, by @amberyooper

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Hello, and welcome to my page! As the title says, my hive is growing. I've reached a bit more than 7000 hive power now, 7039 a…

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The G.O.A.T - Cristiano Ronaldo, Reheem Sterling and others scores as Real Madrid and Lyon Fc side were both shown the exit door in the Uefa champions league, by @tfame3865

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One thing I always talk about when it comes to soccer is that it is not yet over until the final whitsle has been blown for the…

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Tips for farmers , by @arl1212

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Green SIM cards for farmers  IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd (IKSL) in association with Airtel provides Green SIM cards for mobiles and…

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selfish collapse, by @heraklius

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Hi hive friends wherever you are Hi hive the game stops .... pauses for a moment friends But that's just to sigh long for the c…

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My Vacations On Sea, by @elizabetamt

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Pirovac is a small tourist and fishing town located in the westernmost part of Sibenik - Knin County Extremely good connection…

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2020 🐝 Hive Blockchain Games 🎮 - The power of having fun!, by @forykw

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I proudly 😊 present (credit @doze) Where is this coming from? Not more than a week ago, I have Read More 5.154 HBD 0

This is the HIVE chart in #BTC and if you take a look, it hasn't performed well ..., by @chrisrice

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This is the HIVE chart in #BTC and if you take a look, it hasn't performed well in relation to #BTC at all. XMR and #XTZ has fa…

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3 years and 5 days on ... the chain, by @jedigeiss

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Good day to all of you, Today I am 3 years and 5 days on the blockchain, I just noticed I forgot to tell this all the hive p…

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Hive lateral desde mayo, by @aljif7

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Hive se ha mantenido lateral desde mayo. Sospecho que en cualquier momento va a hacer un movimiento brusco, que podría ser para…

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Booster packs - what are they and how to get one, by @slabakbg

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▶️ Wa…

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Quote of the day 8 August 2020, by @thecontractor

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You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. - Margaret Thatcher

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Binance JEX, Hive Listelemeye Başladı, by @tht

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Geçtiğimiz sene sonlarında Binance kripto para borsası JEX'i satın almış daha sonra borsanın ismini Read More 0.078 HBD 0

Voyage au Japon - Partie 15 : Nakazaki-Cho et Hozenji Temple, by @iptrucs

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Pour ceux qui n'auraient pas vu la partie 14 : Read More 0.462 HBD 0

My beautiful sister face, by @imaluv54

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Hello hiveian good morning and happy weekend, today I want to celebrate my beautiful sister. A sister compared to none, A s…

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📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of August 7, 2020 - Friday || Daily Hive Tips Giveaway, by @hive-data

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Our Daily Reports on the hashtags and words we frequently used on Twitter for #hive, $hive, #posh, hive.blog, and Read More 2.317 HBD 0

Photocircle Daily Featured Photos | 08.08.2020, by @photocircle

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Photocircle’s Daily Featured Photos, a series that showcases five (5) outstanding photographers …

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